Kingsburg piano became the standard formulating company of piano action

  On SEP.01-04,2012, the 11 kinds musical instrument industry standard approval meeting held in yantai, which was organized by National Musical Instrument Standardization Technical Committee, Yantai Kingsburg Piano Co., Ltd, adn more than 40 units attended. The secretary-general Mr. Zeng Zemin and the director Mr. Chen Jinwu were present at the meeting.

  The authorized standard mainly includes “piano action", "chromatic harmonica", "electronic organ", "Electronphones performance measurement method", "Electronphones power adapter general technical conditions", "Electronphones playback equipment and pedal controller general technical conditions", "cello", "cello bow", "the violin", "the violin bow", "fiddle bow general technical conditions" and so on 11 kinds musical instrument industry standard approval. Yantai Kingsburg Piano Co., Ltd participated in standard drafting, revising and provides conference arrangement and help.

  Yantai Kingsburg Piano Co., Ltd is one of the few domestic company that could design and produce all piano parts such as piano action, mark and case by ourselves. Mr.Feng Gaokun, the leader of China musical instrument association piano tuner association, played KF126, KF128 piano, he thinks the bass area timbre of Kingburg piano has distinguishing feature and perfect penetration, the other representative also gave high evaluation to Kingsburg company equipment and processing technology.

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