The second “Kingsburg cup” youth chorus performance

  AUG.12-17, 2012, the second “Kingsbug cup” youth chorus performance was successfully held in Yantai government auditorium.

  This performance was organized together by Yantai Kingsburg Piano Co., Ltd, Chinese musicians association chorus alliance, Yantai tourism Bureau, Beijing "music weekly" and Yantai people's foreign friendship association, etc.

  After five days of competition, Yantai youth chorus won the only special award. The gold medal were won respectively by Qingdao peninsula metropolis daily "stars" children's chorus, Dujiangyan "beautiful flowers" children's chorus, Shanxi "sound of dream " chorus, and Yantai university chorus.

  Kingsburg supplied all pianos in this competition, and got hign reputation and appraisal.

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