• Two kinds of color:black purple

KU115-1 sourced from the design of K.Fenner,the pure tonality just meet the requirement of the piano learners.KU 115-1 has the following charactors.

●Adopt the deemed “highest efficient soundboard ”,tension soundboard.

●Unique design of bridge and strung distribution keep the european style timbre of the piano, Roeslau string imported from Germany ensure the vigorous bass,lasting tenuto, mild and even alto,and bright treble with high penetrant power.

●Strictly comply the design principle of Three point in One line for action and keyboard for smart touch to transfer the slight from finger.

●Solid linden keyboard through weight ajustment and special craft adjustment ensure the smoonth play.

●All components for action including centerpin and centerpin felt, are imported from Japan,which make the turn part more smart and reliable.

●Roeslau string from Germany and strictly selected solid soundboard ensure lasting resonation and perfect timbre.

●color available : black polish. walnut polish. mahogany polish